#DryLandTouristChronicles: Living IRIE

When you live on an island Summer never really ends….the days just get shorter….

At the end of August, I went on an excursion with my Rotaract Club to Irie River in St. Ann. I was super excited for the trip & I was not disappointed a bit.

A little about the Irie River….

Irie River, formerly known as Irie Beach, is a true Jamaican Paradise and is widely known as one of our best kept secrets. It is located on a scenic section of the White River, in Ocho Rios, just 15 minutes upstream from the ocean. People come from all around the world to swim in our cool, clear waters and to relax and be amazed by our enchanted gardens.

Irie River has the atmosphere of a plantation-era bathing hole, Caribbean style. The sandy bottomed river flows gently through the park, allowing for safe swimming and visitors can bask in the sun on the grassy banks or relax in the shade provided by the lush tropical rainforest overhead.”

Unfortunately, our trip coincided with one of the few rainy days in Jamaica but we were not going to  let that stop the fun. The trip was also my first time driving on the newly open Highway to Moneague, St. Ann. What a journey up the hill it was indeed…. lots of Rum, Soca & a few engine stalls under the pressure but a great experience none the less (Jamaica & her breathtaking views).


The New Highway


When we got to Irie River, I was instantly excited! Being a city girl all my life, I have a genuine appreciation for being out of the hustle & bustle of city life & Irie River offered a rather tranquil scene to relax. It felt like visiting friends or family for a Saturday afternoon lyme.

I am not a swimmer so I spent much of my time exploring the rain forest & watching the actual swimmers take turns diving in the “blue hole”. The river also came equipped with a volleyball net so the rest of my club members started a rather eventful game.

Rain forced us to retreat for cover but after it subsided we resumed with some team-building activities.

It was worth the journey & I would recommend this spot to anyone who just wants to relax with friends & family. If you like to build your own vibes (as we Jamaicans love to do!), this is the perfect spot to do just that.



A few snapshots from the bus ride & at Irie River:

I chose to finally set the mane free after a year & 2 months of transitioning
A little Dewars in my Appleton Mug!
My First Cuban

Outfits Of The Day

Top: Aeropostale
Skirt: Chudy Lee (here)
Sandals: Reecis Pieces (here)
Hat: Grandma
Lipstick: MAC Embrace Me
Top: Mom

Swimsuit: Downtown Kingston


For more information on Irie River, check out their website: http://www.irieriver.com/

Thanks for Stopping By

One thought on “#DryLandTouristChronicles: Living IRIE

  1. Oooo shoutout to that split hunni! I love it and I am lowkey jealous I wanna be somewhere tropical!! You werked it and shoutout for letting your hair be free!! BLMGIrl love!

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