Shanny’s Weekend Musings: March 7-9, 2014

My weekends are usually filled with alot of adventures so I decided to blog about my musings. Here is a recap of my weekend trods:

Friday: Bacchanal Opening night at Mas Camp.
I am a socaphile…I ADMIT IT. I love the gyrating and wukking up my body, so it was a no brainer that last weekend I would venture to Mas Camp for the start of the Bacchanal season.
DJ Smoke, DJ Sanjay & DJ Richie Ras played all my favourite soca tunes which kept me feteing all night long.

$900 JMD well spent! Appleton Genesis & Pure Country Orange Juice had me feeling nice!
My band says I am LEGAL!

Saturday: Emancipation Park & Cafe Delight

 Some down time with friends is always a necessary part of anyone’s life & I am no different. My Saturday evening began with a one hour walking around Emancipation Park with a dear friend of mine.
Emancipation Park is a 7-Acres park in New Kingston. More information can be found on it at
It was refreshing to sit in the park and watch the wedding parties and families having picnics. Living in the city can sometimes feel rushed, so places like Emancipation Park gives a rather serene break from it all.
In the night, I met some Rotaract friends for a lyme at Cafe Delite on Haining Road. It was a nice chill vibe  & much needed chance to share laughs with some great people.
My Rotaract family

Sunday: Kingston City Run & Rotary Club of St. Andrew North Family Funday
Myself, My Mom & some members of my New Kingston Rotaract Family participated in the Kingston City Run. Our participation kickstarted out Celebration of World Rotaract Week (March 9-15). This year the run’s charity focus was on providing sustainable support to the Homeless in Kingston & Jamaica. Even though I walked most of the race, I am proud I finished and supported the cause. Here is my time:
Place: 1013   Bin #: 1657 Shana Reid   Gun Time: 55:35   Class Place: SF18-29  150/188   Gender Place: 483 Pace/Km 9:56   Chip Time: 54:15
The Family
Thank God I can stand
I am a winner no matter what!


In the afternoon, I went to Hayfield in Ewarton, St. Catherine for the Rotary Club of St. Andrew North Family Funday. It was a refreshing experience and I can’t wait for next year. Food, rides, fun activities & liquor galore! It was a big family picnic with games, rides & lots of food.

I haven’t been in a bounce about for ages!
Me & Viv on the train

Fun on the swing

That was my weekend and I enjoyed every second of it!

Thanks for reading!

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