Marley Twists by @Virgochyktessie

During the height of my Installation season (a.k.a “Pretty Season“) I noticed I was having difficulty managing my hair. Usually when it gets this way, I give it a break and opt for protective styling. My first choice is usually a sew-in but this time I decided to research some other options for protective hairstyles. One “new” discovery was Marley Twists.

I didn’t know anyone who tried this style and my regular hairdresser has no clue what they are, so I ruled it out and settled for “Patra” braids.
Last week though my friend Wade (who knows my obsession with Hair & Beauty) reintroduced me to the Marley Twist concept when he introduced me to hairstylist Teresa Simpson(@VirgoChykTessie). My interest was sparked and I pondered getting them!
Marley Twists/ Havana Twists can be done to any type of hair but mainly people who are making the transition or who have made the transition to being natural. According to Teresa, the main benefit of doing Marley Twists/Havana Twists is that it (Marley hair) doesn’t pull on your natural hair. Therefore you don’t experience breakage.
Marley hair also has as similar texture to natural hair and looks realistic when installed. Marley Twists/Havana Twists are perfect for busy women and college students. Teresa currently works from home and she also does house calls.
Here are some pictures of a very satisfied customer.
If you are looking for a new look to rock consider Marley Twists/Havana Twists. To make an appointment with Teresa, contact her via email
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