The Weekend that was…..

What a weekend I had!

I had an adventure on Saturday. A friend of mine inquired why I woke up so early on weekends and the answer is simple……….WORK!!!!! With my job anything can go wrong!!! and this Saturday my worst fear came true! I always had the underline fear that a program wouldn’t be ready in time for a funeral and it almost happened! Luckily, I was able to get my stuff together in the nick of time. So I went from Portmore to Princeville Plaza to Tower Hill to Downtown, Kingston to Princeville Plaza to Portmore all before 12:30PM! All without a ride! I have come to the conclusion that I’m a mini Superwoman. In don’t know how I get things done but I do!

Sunday, I went to church with my family and Lord knows I needed that message. What did I gain? I was reminded that I need to be grateful for EVERY SINGLE thing in my life….EVERYTHING. In the evening, I had the  pleasure of joining another family, my New Kingston Rotaract family, for our Installation ceremony. It was an absolutely magical night. The decor was splendid and the vibe was wonderful. Wine and friends are always a good time in my book any day.







I was also honoured to be the recipient of the President’s Award. All the work I did last Rotaract year was geared towards fulfilling the ideals of the movement, so I didn’t expect to win an award for doing something that felt natural. I am truly honoured (My smile is proof of that!).


I’m looking forward to great things and I am absolutely excited for the days ahead.


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