What the Hell?!!

I love my country immensely but some days I shake my head in despair at how little respect others have for this beautiful Rock. How do people go through life being so frigid and lack common decency?

For the past few days my heart has sank to the lowest point it has in recent days because of the heart-wrenching news of the shooting of Oneil Edwards (1/3 of the group Voicemail). When I heard, I put myself and my friends in that position and I become absolutely petrified. Home is the place where your suppose to be safe and the thought of being attacked at home just chills me to the core. I mean it is the last place you expect to be watching your back….And as if Oneil’s shooting wasn’t enough, last night Cobra was shot. I was livid because he lives down the road from me in my Housing Scheme!!! I found it strange that I didn’t hear a gunshot, then the reports confirmed that he was actually shot in the community across the main road. However, that still was no real comfort because it was a stones throw away from my home .

WHY WHY WHY???!!! are these idiots doing this  to such a wonderful country??????

On a lighter note, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Drake’s new video!!!!!!!

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